Crafting Warm Winter Drinks

by cafeappliances-us
Cafe coffee maker and toaster on holiday counter

When the weather is frightful, and you crave something warm and delightful, you want more than your regular mug of coffee or cup of tea. Instead of driving to your favorite coffee shop, why not use your Café Specialty Drip Coffee Maker

Plan a Perfect Parisian Picnic

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picnic prep on table

Traditional French picnic foods include cheeses (we love brie, chèvre, blue, and camembert), crusty bread, crackers, selection of fruits, vegetables, cornichons, some type of sauce for dipping, butter, and sandwich meats. You can also include a cold salad to round out the meal. Our Parisian-picnic-inspired sandwiches are super simple, yet amazingly delicious: ham and cheese or radishes and butter on a fresh baguette. You can dress each of them up with the addition of Dijon mustard, crudité, or even fruit.

Personalizing your Home for Guests

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Guests at the dinner table

Opening your home to friends and family can be a wonderful experience but can also come with stress when guests have particular needs that you didn’t anticipate. Putting a little thought into host planning ahead of time can help you make your guests feel at home. From the food to thoughtful touches at dinner, to easing the morning bustle, there are myriad simple ways to help hosting go smoothly.