Café Smart Cooking

Customizable cooking experiences to reflect your style.

Café smart appliances help you realize your true cooking potential. Our appliances with built-in smart features can be controlled through the SmartHQ™ app, Kitchen Hub, or partner apps via a simple touch or go hands-free with voice control. Using our smart ranges, cooktops, wall ovens, and microwaves you can try new recipes, learn cooking techniques, and make meals easier with pre-programmed settings. And by connecting your appliance to WiFi, you’ll enjoy updates that expand your cooking options, so the experience will just keep getting better. 

Powered by SmartHQ

Easy to Connect with SmartHQ

Enjoy total control in the kitchen and beyond via our free SmartHQ app and your smart device. You’ll receive status updates, task alerts, and notifications while you cook so every culinary creation is done to perfection. 

Get a Hand with Voice Control

Connect your appliances with your smart home device for a much-needed helping hand. Use the power of your voice to change temperatures, control power settings, and even open the oven hands-free.

Features Get Better Over Time

Your smart appliances will always have the latest features when connected. Our downloadable software upgrades deliver new cooking modes, such as Air Fry cooking and more, to add to your culinary repertoire.

Hestan Smart Pan Guided Cooking

Gourmet Guided Cooking

Time your entrées just right with an in-oven camera, temperature sensors and Gourmet Guided Cooking by Hestan Cue streaming to your smartphone. With step-by-step instructions synced to embedded culinary sensors in your pots and pans, every course can be a masterpiece.

Amazon Alexa on counter by Cafe Appliances Smart Range

Voice Control

When your hands are busy chopping, stirring, and mixing, but you still need to pre-heat the oven or turn off a burner, use the power of your voice. Smart appliances can sync with your smart home devices to put you in control of your kitchen even when your hands are full. 

Security Capabilities Verified Gold UL logo

UL IoT Security Rating
Security Capabilities Verified Gold

UL has verified that GE Appliances designs its smart appliances using best practices for IoT security and that each appliance supplies the proper features to protect your data as required by U.S. IoT security regulations.

Browse Smart Cooking

Browse Smart Cooking

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