Café microwave ovens offer convenient cooking in just one touch.
Achieve crisp, golden brown results and even heat distribution with a convection cooking setting, and enjoy consistently delicious results with sensor cooking controls that automatically adjust the time and power. Choose an over-the-range microwave for cooktop ventilation, or a built-in capable countertop microwave for a sleek look and more room for meal prep.

Built-in, Over-the-Range, and Countertop Microwaves
Complete your stylish cooking space with one of our built-in microwaves that fit seamlessly with your kitchen. If you prefer an appliance that can be moved or stashed away when you need the space, take a look at our collection of classic countertop microwave ovens. Whichever type of appliance suits your style and space, you'll find it here at Café.
There's nothing more chic than a set of matching appliances. Pair your Café microwave with one of our ranges, cooktops, or cooking accessories. Choose an over the oven microwave in the same color and finish as your range to unite your luxury appliances effortlessly.

Microwaves Available in a Matte Black, Matte White, Platinum Glass, or Stainless Steel Finish
Are you looking for the perfect microwave to complement your kitchen aesthetic? Discover our variety of sleek and smart appliances that are as stylish as they are functional. Plus, our microwaves are customizable, so you can choose the tones and finishes your hardware comes in. Create your dream kitchen with a microwave with the same custom hardware as your other kitchen appliances.
Whether your taste is more classic or contemporary, we offer premium microwaves in different colors and finishes for you to choose from. There's an appliance for every preference, from classic over the counter microwaves in matte white and matte black to modern microwaves in platinum glass with a sleek finish.