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Holiday Treats to Share with Family & Friends

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The holidays are for enjoying the small pleasures that come once a year, and there are none sweeter than homemade goodies. Sharing your love for friends and family with a gift box of holiday treats is a great tradition to start. Whether left on a front porch or sent through the mail they will brighten the holidays for your loved ones.

A Non-Traditional Holiday

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The flavor at Thanksgiving is what’s most important. A large roasted turkey, while traditional, doesn’t have to be the star of the table. For a smaller group consider alternative main courses. Cornish game hens are quick to cook, and each guest gets their own personal bird. Roasted beef tenderloin, roasted salmon or even a classic roast chicken are all good options for a special main course. 

Crafting Warm Winter Drinks

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Cafe coffee maker and toaster on holiday counter

When the weather is frightful, and you crave something warm and delightful, you want more than your regular mug of coffee or cup of tea. Instead of driving to your favorite coffee shop, why not use your Café Specialty Drip Coffee Maker

Café Helps You Make the Best Cup of Coffee at Home Every Day

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café coffee makers in matte black, stainless and matte white

Café Appliances has engineered its own drip coffee maker that achieved the SCA certification and meets its Golden Cup Standards. Not only does this coffee maker brew an excellent cup of coffee, it also exceeds the high standards of Café style.

The Perfect Way to Start Your Day

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Matte white cafe coffee maker on counter with blueberry muffin