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Professional Tips for Cleaning and Organizing your Refrigerator

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Items pulled out of refrigerator for organization

Your refrigerator is perhaps the most important appliance in your kitchen, protecting your meat, cheese, produce, and other perishable items from spoiling. A clean and organized refrigerator not only looks good, but it also provides optimal food storage. Follow our simple steps to ensure your refrigerator is always functioning its best.

The Ultimate Guide to a Clean Dishwasher

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matte white dishwasher

The dishwasher is one of our favorite kitchen tools, making after-dinner cleanup a breeze. Many newer dishwasher models even offer advanced cleaning features like dedicated silverware jets or a sanitize cycle, which uses high-temp water to reduce 99% of bacteria commonly found on dishes. With daily cleaning and sanitizing of dishes, you may think your dishwasher interior is always clean, but soap and water residue builds up over time and should be removed.

How to Organize Your Refrigerator and Freezer

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Woman opening cafe matte black refrigerator

Café refrigerators are made to keep all your foods at their freshest and the way these French door refrigerators are designed follows a certain logic. The doors open to reveal easy-to-reach shelves with bins and crispers that help your foods stay fresher longer.