Make the Best Cup of Coffee at Home Every Day


Café Appliances has engineered its own drip coffee maker that achieved the SCA certification and meets its Golden Cup Standards. Not only does this coffee maker brew an excellent cup of coffee, it also exceeds the high standards of Café style. 

Available in your choice of Matte Black, Matte White, or Stainless Steel finish, the elegant curved design and signature copper handle means it perfectly reflects your individual style. The design matches so well with your other Café appliances, you won't mind having it take center stage on your countertop. It also features:

  • WiFi Controls powered by our SmartHQ app for scheduling and control from almost anywhere. 
  • Precise temperature control, brew profiles, and strength settings to perfect your morning cup.
  • A 10-cup insulated thermal vacuum carafe to hold temps up to 2 hours and preserve coffee flavor.
smartHQ app on phone by cafe coffee maker
reusable gold mesh filter for café coffee maker

WiFi Controls powered by our SmartHQ app

The convenience of drip coffee makers means you can make your morning cup of coffee in your own kitchen any time of day. Of course, the quality of that cup can vary depending on the type of coffee beans, the grind, the water used, and the coffee maker. To make a consistently great cup of coffee, you need a special kind of coffee maker—one that is certified to meet specific criteria defined by an elite organization of experts and tasters of coffee. That group is the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). 

Coffee makers certified by SCA aren’t just any bean brewers. Among the requirements for drip coffee makers to obtain the SCA certification, they must meet stringent criteria including the following: 

  • Their baskets must meet the proper ratio of coffee to water; roughly two tablespoons of coffee for every six ounces of water. 
  • They must rapidly heat the water to ideal temperature of at least 197 degrees Fahrenheit and ensure that the coffee grounds aren’t in contact with the water for longer than eight minutes.
  • And the SCA must replicate the results of their tests via several coffee makers time and time again to verify consistent performance. 

Golden Cup Standard

Meets the SCA's standards for taste and quality in coffee brewing

Drip coffee makers that receive the SCA approval performed well in strict testing. This means you can rest assured that it meets the highest standards of baristas and coffee tasters. Coffee brewed in SCA certified drip coffee makers is said to meet the SCA Golden Cup Standards—who wouldn’t want to drink the highest quality cup of coffee each morning right from your own machine?

Café Drip Coffee Maker

Barista quality coffee from your own kitchen

Café Drip Coffee Maker

Barista quality coffee from your own kitchen

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