Easier Post Party Cleanup Begins (and Ends) with Your Dishwasher

Cleaning up after a party is always quite a chore but taking a few moments before the event to prepare your kitchen will ensure it goes a lot smoother. Having a built-in dishwasher with convenient, flexible cleaning features is also a huge help.

loading dishes in dishwasher in kitchen

Start the Dishwasher

Before you begin preparing for your soiree, completely empty your dishwasher. That way, you can load it as you cook so that once you’ve finished prep work and added the dirty dishes from the party, you can just turn it on and let it run. Clean out the sink and fill it with sudsy, hot water. As your party goes on, you can place dishes that need to be hand washed into the water to scrub later, or you can leave heavily soiled pans to soak so they will be easy to clean after your guests are gone. Also, be sure to clear off your counter and have your dish drainer ready so you can hand wash and stack dishes from the sink to dry when the party is over.

Clean Up as You Go

Keep a large bowl on your counter as you chop and prepare your culinary creations. Put scraps and empty packages into the bowl, so you make only one trip to the trash once you’ve finished. While you’re waiting for the oven to preheat or the water to boil, grab a sponge and wipe up any spills and put foods back into the refrigerator. Try to keep your kitchen prep area as neat as possible as you cook so once your party is over, you will only have to clean up your dirty dishes and not your whole cooking area.

Gretchen Black rinsing dish
loading dishes in dishwasher

Get it Loaded

As guests finish their meal, collect dishes and put them into the dishwasher. Or, keep them together in one area and load it all at once so you don’t have to make trips back and forth.

Having a Café dishwasher helps you stay on top of cleaning when entertaining. It can alert your smartphone when cleaning pods are low, or when a cycle is complete through its convenient WiFi Connect feature.

Inside, the upper third-row racks that hold silverware and serving spoons mean you’ll have more room below for extra dinnerware and glassware. You can make room for larger platters with the adjustable upper racks. And never worry about washing delicate wine glasses by hand—just place them on the stemware-safe washing shelves and wash with the rest of your load. Even bottles, glasses and vases come out sparkling clean with our dedicated bottle jets spraying water deep inside those taller items.

Once your dishwasher is running and your kitchen resembles your favorite cooking space once again, grab a glass of your favorite vino and take a moment to celebrate another perfect party.