Find Your Style in the Café Product Lookbook

Modern kitchen designs grow ever more sophisticated and more personal. Gone are the days of cookie-cutter layouts and standard fixtures. And Café is here for it. Through our full line of statement appliances, you’ll find our distinct line of finishes—Matte Black, Matte White, Stainless Steel, or Platinum Glass—so you can find your canvas and create your unique style.

After choosing your canvas, build on that by choosing your hardware. Changing handles from Brushed Brass to Flat Black can take you from classic to rock-n-roll depending on your finish choice and kitchen décor. Don’t be afraid to go for the boldest look; make your kitchen a true reflection of yourself. Don’t hold back. Create a room that feels like home and inspires your passion for cooking, entertaining, and more.

To help you get started on your kitchen design, download our Café Lookbook. It’s a catalog of some of our favorite kitchens featuring both large and small Café appliances. You’ll see our appliances in some gorgeous kitchen designs that are sure to get your creative juices flowing and your inner chef smitten with every product. And you’ll see matching accents and hardware from our partner, Kohler to help your kitchen look as finished as your finest fashions. Download our book and take in every high-design detail, inspired by vibrant runway gowns and our favorite metallic accessories. After all, your Café appliances wouldn’t be perfectly dressed without their signature copper cuff!

Get ready to make your statement with Café.