Kitchen Design

The Latest Kitchen Trend: Mixing Metals

by cafeappliances-us
white matte kitchen with brushed bronze, stainless steel, and copper

Are the base colors of your room warm, cool, or neutral? The metals you introduce into your kitchen can have a dramatic effect depending on the overall tone of your room. Think about the color temperature of your current kitchen space and what you may want to add to spice it up.

Shop the Look: Edge of Modern Kitchen

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Cafe Edge of Modern Kitchen with Open Shelving

Celebrating the beauty of glass, the Edge of Modern kitchen embraces bold architecture and soft finishes for a sleek, open-air warmth. This kitchen features the Modern Glass collection, which gracefully offers a mirror-like platinum glass finish and seamlessly fits in with soaring open cabinetry and integrated furnishings.

Warm Up Your Winter Kitchen with Copper Accents

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Copper watering can on shelf

Brushed or worn copper has a subtle sheen with a warm glow. If you prefer this finish to the usual bright gleam of copper, our Café Brushed Copper hardware would make an ideal addition to your appliances. The rosy glow sets off both the Matte Black and Matte White appliances and blends well in any mixed-metal design, too.

Unexpected Color Palettes for the Kitchen

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Pink kitchen with Modern Glass appliances

Why is color in the kitchen so unexpected? Why do we defer to bright whites, warm beige, earth tones, and matte blacks in the kitchen? Neutrals are practical, straightforward, and more likely to appeal to a larger audience. They have less of an opinion. A kitchen with white subway tiles, white cupboards, granite countertops, and wood floors looks like “a kitchen” in its most literal sense. But if you’re the kind of person who wants their space to have a point of view, to have an opinion, and be willing to share it, consider color in the kitchen. 

Shop the Look: Sophisticated Stainless Kitchen

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Stainless Steel Kitchen with gray cabinets

Unprecedented customization lends itself seamlessly to individualized expression in the Sophisticated Stainless kitchen. Handcrafted, monochromatic cabinetry effortlessly supports and accentuates the timeless beauty of marble, chrome and elements of nature. The result is a bespoke, haute design kitchen that is easy to adore. Sophisticated Stainless kitchen incorporates Café Customizable Professional Stainless Steel appliances into a unified vision of contemporary elegance that will welcome and delight everyone who encounters it.