Creating a Home Coffee Bar

There’s nothing quite like a morning spent at the coffee shop, sipping hot java and soaking in the aroma of fresh-brewed beans. Want to replicate that vibe at home? With the right equipment, you can easily set up your own coffee bar at home. Read on to learn how you can be your own barista.

cafe matte white coffee maker on counter with mugs

Find the Right Space

Take a look around your kitchen. Is there an area that’s underutilized? This could be an unused corner outside your “cooking triangle,” an out-of-the way stretch of counter that’s collecting junkmail, or even a nook in an adjacent butler’s pantry or dining area. Clear it out and dedicate it to your coffee station. If you’re short on counter space, consider a rolling kitchen island or bar cart. Your can even get creative: Repurpose a small vintage dresser or bookshelf for an eclectic addition with ample storage for your coffee accoutrement.

Quality Counts

When it comes to coffee, quality is key. Procure freshly ground coffee or buy whole beans to grind at home. Make the most of these beans by brewing them in the Café Specialty Drip Coffee Maker. The stylish coffee maker serves up barista-caliber cups - hence its approval from the Specialty Coffee Association. Reach true coffeehouse standards by stocking up on flavored syrups, which you can store in glass dispensers.

Cafe matte white coffee maker with muffin

Food for Thought

No coffee shop experience is complete without a nosh to accompany your beverage. This can range from a simple basket of granola bars to a plate of fresh muffins. You can even make it a one-stop-breakfast-spot with the Café Express Finish Toaster, a sleek and useful appliance that makes a compact and beautiful addition to any coffee bar.

Make it Your Own

Create a space that speaks to your own style, whether that’s a monochromatic palette of cups and saucers or a sentimental collection of mismatched mugs. Consider decorative canisters to store coffee and teas, a chalkboard on the wall, or any artwork that speaks to your style. Consider adding a stool where you can sit and enjoy delicious fresh-brewed, barista-quality coffee — in your very own home.