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Life at Home Lookbook

by cafeappliances-us

Sometimes we find beauty in unexpected places. Watch how a contemporary artist transforms the glass finish of our Modern Glass refrigerator.

2020 Winter Lookbook

by cafeappliances-us
Pouring water

Enter the new decade with a fresh perspective on building good habits. Embrace practical, daily goals that you’re already inclined to keep.

2019 Holiday Lookbook

by cafeappliances-us

Small and special. Thoughtful and present. Truly enjoy the spirit of the season by embracing the closeness and thoughtfulness surrounding us during the holiday season. Add personal touches for your guests, eat good food, and celebrate with your favorite people.

2019 Autumn Lookbook

by cafeappliances-us
Gretchen Black opening oven

When the world gives you too much, the best thing you can do is share—that goes for produce, bingeable entertainment, and beautiful spaces. Fall offers many reasons to bring people together for fun and delicious food. And we love sharing our eclectic home style with our guests.

2019 Spring/Summer Lookbook

by cafeappliances-us

Give your kitchen a bright dose of sunshine all summer long. Add sparkle by mixing up your metal accents—copper, pewter, gold- and silver-tones. Then bring the outdoors in with seasonal bouquets of floral favorites. Follow our steps to create your own arrangement.