Warm Up Your Winter Kitchen with Copper Accents

You don’t have to renovate your kitchen or even paint it to add warmth this winter. Beyond turning up the heat, you can warm up your kitchen’s palette with the classic, yet modern metal copper interspersed throughout. Copper can look bright and cheerful or worn and exotic; it’s all in the finish.

Copper watering can on shelf

Brushed Copper for Understated Warmth

Brushed or worn copper has a subtle sheen with a warm glow. If you prefer this finish to the usual bright gleam of copper, our Café Brushed Copper hardware would make an ideal addition to your appliances. The rosy glow sets off both the Matte Black and Matte White appliances and blends well in any mixed-metal design, too.

Add other muted copper pieces around the room to punch up the warmth. A set of brushed metal canisters, a serving tray and a clock on the wall draws the eye around the room and connects back with your appliance hardware. Change up the hardware on your cabinets to match or contrast them with another soft metal look.

Copper pots and bowls
Copper teapot with mint
copper range handles and knob kit

Shiny Copper Is Glowing and Brilliant

Make a bold statement with shiny, bright copper in your kitchen. A bold coffee carafe, gleaming copper pendant lights and a set of positively glowing copper pans hanging nearby bring a great amount of warmth to the room. Place copper utensils into a shiny copper holder on the counter that reflects in the sunlight and to cast a happy glow on your backsplash. You’ll feel warm and cozy on even the coldest winter day. Put on a pot of chili or your favorite stew and you’re ready to settle in.

Mix It Up with Shiny & Muted Accents

Adding shiny copper accents to your kitchen along with the Café Brushed Copper hardware goes a long way to brighten a cold space. Mixing metals and finishes has become de rigueur in even designer kitchens. So, blend your muted copper accents with your bright copper pans and bring in some worn, well-patinaed pieces for depth and interest. Vintage copper molds, utensils and canisters are sought out by designers to bring a sense of history or to serve as a statement piece in kitchens around the world. If you love it, show it off.