Mixing Up Design Trends in the Home

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kitchen island with cafe appliance in background

Nobody wants a cookie cutter house. We want homes that reflect where we’ve been and what we value. We want spaces that work for us—beautiful work spaces, welcoming living areas to lounge after a long day, and dining rooms and kitchens that make our lives easier and expand for elegant entertaining. 

Bring the Blooms of Spring into Your Café Kitchen

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arranging spring flowers in vase

In spring and summer, gorgeous floral blooms come to life with intoxicating scents and a variety of colors. Though they look stunning growing in gardens and yards across the country, cutting a few stems and arranging them in a favorite vase brings the lively blossoms indoors for everyone to enjoy. Why not brighten your kitchen by creating your own seasonal arrangement of local blooms and favorite colors?

Create a Winter Escape at Home

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Woman looking in a matte white refrigerator

Often the best way to contend with winter is to escape it. Create an oasis at home by surrounding yourself with your favorite simple things, delightful entertainment, good company, and comforting foods. By embracing self-care and focusing on relaxation and downtime, we’re allowing ourselves to slow down and recharge during the last dreary days of winter.

Plan a Winter Getaway

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Woman drinking coffee looking at a tablet computer

Once you have a better idea of where you want to go, get inspired by travel bloggers, Pinterest travel boards, and travel photographers. It’s easy to find travel guides with local recommendations for what to eat and where to stay with simple online searches. 

Virtual Kitchen Backgrounds

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Mindful Escapism Kitchen

Maintaining social distance is changing the way we work and spend time with friends. More people than ever are finding themselves working from home or setting up virtual parties to chat with friends and family. If you're looking for a little change of scenery, try a custom background for your next video chat. We've hand-picked several beautiful Café kitchens that you can use with your favorite video chat program. To download, click to open your favorite kitchen background, then right-click to save it to your computer. On mobile devices, tap and hold to save the image.