Modern Glass Meets Contemporary Art


Inspired by the way light plays on glass, the Café Modern Glass Collection of appliances lets you create a kitchen that’s a total reflection of you. The Platinum Glass surface can also become a canvas to express yourself. Café worked with contemporary artist Allie Jensen to add even more beauty to our Modern Glass refrigerator through her artwork.

About the Artist

Allie Jensen is an artist working and living in Louisville, Kentucky. She practices meditative art techniques through repetitive linework and dotwork. Like an emotional muscle, her patience and ability to live in the moment are strengthened by her regular use of these methods. Primarily working in ink and acrylic, Jensen stacks and layers small components such as lines, dots, and circles to create organic masses that reflect the "theory of complex systems".

For more about Allie’s artwork, visit or follow her on Instagram @roamlone

line art on modern glass refrigerator
Wiping drawing off of Modern Glass refrigerator