Fearless Energy Abounds in the Kitchen

With a sunset-hued palette, disco ball accents and pattern galore, the Fearless Energy kitchen is, as the kids say, a vibe.

“It’s a really unique personality. A fun, vibrant look,” says designer TK Wismer, who partnered with Café Appliances to create the kitchen.

Inspired by the Pantone color of the year – the lavender/periwinkle Very Peri – and its pairing with yellows and corals on fashion runways, Wismer and Café set out to craft a space that was boundless, free-spirited and fun – just like the energetic, bohemian homeowner they envisioned living there. Lively wall coverings from Pierre Frey adorn the walls, a trio of disco ball light fixtures hang over the island and rich, swirling burl wood cabinetry brings movement and texture. A custom, gradient tile backsplash behind the range is reminiscent of a colorful sunset.

In brilliant juxtaposition to all that color: Café Appliances in Matte White with flat black handles. (Flat Black is a new hardware finish that will be available later this year.)

“We already know matte white works in a neutral palette, but I wanted to show people how striking the finish could be when used in a bolder design,” Wismer says. “When it’s used with all of this color, it really becomes a palate cleanser. In this design, white becomes the accent when everything around it is so bold and colorful.”

Akua Shabaka

Our Muse: Akua Shabaka

Recreate the Mood at Home

The simplest way to bring the Fearless Energy look to your space is with pattern, Wismer says.

From small accents like dishtowels and glassware to wallcoverings, barstool cushions and dining chair upholstery, the kitchen offers ample opportunity to incorporate eye-catching patterns. Wismer says one of her favorite ways to add personality is by wallpapering the backs of shelves in glass cabinetry. It’s easy to install and easy to change out when the whim hits.

For those able to make larger-scale changes, consider white appliances to add contrast and interest to the kitchen. With Café’s interchangeable handle kits, finish combinations can be customized to fit the design. Then, bring in that personalized spirit with color, texture and patterns that reflect you.

Entertaining in this kitchen? Drive home the vibe with music and libations that fit the Fearless Energy motif. Think disco-inspired tunes with an international flair, like those found on the custom Spotify playlist created for the room. A bespoke cocktail with pizazz – like the effervescent, citrus Venetian Spritz – reinforces the energetic ambiance of the space. Most important of all is to enjoy the room and the company with unabashed, fearless energy.

Café Fearless Energy Kitchen Moodboard

“We already know matte white works in a neutral palette, but I wanted to show people how striking the finish could be when used in a bolder design.”
  – TK Wismer

Café Fearless Energy Kitchen shelf
Café Refrigerator in Matt White


TK Wismer

TK Wismer - Interior Designer & Brand Consultant

TK Wismer started her career as a set and wardrobe designer before turning her focus to residential and commercial interior projects. Wismer was introduced to the Café brand in 2017 and fell in love with experiential storytelling and creating immersive environments. Her unique ability to identify trends and translate those strategies into compelling, integrated storytelling moments within the built environment has resulted in her disruptive designs being recognized as some of the best in the industry.