Embrace The Spirit of Bold Ambition In Your Space


The Bold Ambition kitchen is anything but meek. It’s dramatic. It’s daring. It’s luxe. It's in your the best way.

“We always have a muse in mind, a personality that we’re designing for,” says designer TK Wismer, who pulled from runway trends to create the distinctive kitchens exhibits for this year’s KBIS event. “For this design, we imagined somebody with a strong personality who loves color and embellishments and is brave in their style choices.”

Striking black cabinetry with a high-contrast white pinstripe sets the tone for the Bold Ambition kitchen, complemented by Café’s appliance suite in Matte Black finish. The dark colors ground the design and reflect recent trends in interiors.

“Embracing darker tones in the kitchen has been trending. We used to think of the kitchen as typically white cabinets and white countertops and people shied away from some of these more dramatic tones,” Wismer says. “But we’re starting to see that change. People are getting more brave in their choices.

”Setting off the moodier tones are vivid shades of green – emeralds, citrines and avocados – that reflect the biophilia trend popular on runways and interiors recently. Modern botanical prints, live plants, a green tiled backsplash and intricate custom range hood bring the vibrancy of the outdoors inside. Unexpected copper accents on Café’s matte black appliances are the perfect bold complement to the green hues.

Bringing Bold Ambition Home

For those making major changes in their kitchens, Wismer recommends considering darker palettes for countertops and cabinets. Take the trend bolder with tone on tone, or merely lean into it by choosing dark lower cabinets and light uppers, or a dark stone instead of a light one for the counters. 

Of course, not everyone is ready to renovate but infusing Bold Ambition into a kitchen can easily be done through styling. Wismer says to look for jewel-toned dishware, dynamic artwork and bold light fixtures to set the scene, then bring in plants (faux plants have come a long way, she says!) for greenery. As our muse would say, it’s all about dressing up – so dress up the space to reflect the people who live there.

When it’s time to entertain, flood all the senses with bold, ambitious energy. Fill the space with music that complements the décor – like the electric indie tunes on the custom Spotify playlist the Café team created for the kitchen. Serve up a rich and feisty cocktail like a sophisticated Espresso Martini.

Don’t hold back. Don’t be afraid. Embellish, have fun and be bold!

Café Bold Ambition Kitchen Moodboard
Embracing darker tones in the kitchen has been trending.

TK Wismer

Café Bold Ambition Kitchen Shelves
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TK Wismer

TK Wismer - Interior Designer & Brand Consultant

TK Wismer started her career as a set and wardrobe designer before turning her focus to residential and commercial interior projects. Wismer was introduced to the Café brand in 2017 and fell in love with experiential storytelling and creating immersive environments. Her unique ability to identify trends and translate those strategies into compelling, integrated storytelling moments within the built environment has resulted in her disruptive designs being recognized as some of the best in the industry.