Cafe KBIS 2021 Kitchens

Distinguish the Importance of Personal Style

The kitchen is the heart of the home, but these kitchens prove it’s also the soul — a space that reflects a homeowner’s distinct personality. With that in mind, Café thoughtfully curated four kitchen vignettes for the annual Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, which took place virtually this year. Each kitchen features trend-forward designs with original details that exude a unique spirit and style.

From traditional to contemporary design styles to unique hardware and built-in options, Café appliances allow for a highly personalized kitchen experience. The introduction of the Expressions Collection countertop appliances continues to elevate the style and performance Café owners have come to expect.

Endless Optimist

Optimism isn’t just an intangible state of mind — it’s place of beauty. That’s certainly the case in this kitchen, where a bright outlook can be found at every touchpoint, from bold color blocking to illustrative accent pieces.

The Endless Optimist is an expressive take on a Hamptons-style kitchen. Clean and crisp Café matte white appliances serve as a canvas for creativity, anchoring pops of color and energetic patterns throughout the space.

The kitchen is playful with a nod to Parisian chic, à la a Harlequin-style checkered floor, mixed metal accents, a round wooden dining table and butler pantry with arched entry. The room is unapologetic, unexpected, indulgent — a perfect place to reenergize.

Cafe matte white professional Cooktop
Detail of Cafe dishwasher controls

Midnight Luxe

Picture a historic home with all its original charm, then imbued with modern elements and opulent touches to create a truly rich aesthetic. That’s the essence of Midnight Luxe — a kitchen where refined tastes and tradition meet bold statement pieces.

A dark and moody monochromatic scheme is a dramatic backdrop for layers of heritage patterns and textures, shiny lacquered glazes, ornate veined stones, champagne golds and florals. It’s an sophisticated look that complements matte black Café appliances with flat black hardware (available in 2022).

Brass and glass bistro shelving, candelabra-style chandeliers and custom floral mural are the bold choices of a homeowner who surrounds herself with her favorite things. The result is a space to recharge in style.

Cafe French Door Refrigerator in Matte Black with Flat Black Hardware
Cafe Specialty Drip Coffee Maker in Matte Black

Desert Daydream

This kitchen is perfectly suited for someone who prioritizes tranquility, wellness and natural living. Earthy undertones invoke hues of Himalayan salt and sunbaked orange, warming up the open and airy Desert Daydream — an ideal place to reflect.

A love of the outdoors is expressed in the use of stone-like textures and organic materials. Raw oak cabinetry, Acacia wood shelves, basket-woven pendants and terracotta hex flooring are among the natural elements that make this room an oasis.

The sophisticated design includes contrasting elements such as Café stainless appliances and brushed copper hardware, a concrete tone backsplash and crystal embellished sconces, rust-colored velvet seating and vintage terracotta flooring.

cafe slide-in induction range and built-in bottom freezer refigerator
Cafe induction range in stainless with brushed copper hardware

Modern Escapism

The everyday meets the ethereal in this kitchen, which is equal parts creative and calming. The design masterfully incorporates a full spectrum of pastels into a mature-yet-whimsical space.

Lavender-toned cabinetry creates a dreamy backdrop to holographic tiles on the backsplash and range hood. Unorthodox shapes, rounded corners and high-chrome metals complement Café’s modern glass appliances, creating a surreal and truly one-of-a-kind kitchen.

Modern glass quad door refrigerator
cafe double wall oven in Modern glass