Installation Requirements and Possible Issues

If you are buying directly from our site, our delivery agents will fully connect your new appliance as long as you have the proper electrical outlets, gas shut off valves, water supply and shut off valves, and/or venting sources available at the time of delivery.

Delivery agents are not authorized to perform carpentry, plumbing or electrical work and therefore cannot resolve any outstanding issues as part of the installation.

Installation will not be completed if the product installation requirements are not met. Please review our appliances requirements for complete details.

If the installation cannot be completed, you have 2 choices:

  1. You can have our delivery agent take the new appliance back until it can be installed.
  2. You can have the delivery agent leave the appliance in your home until it can be installed.

You are responsible for resolving the installation issue (i.e. water shut off valve needed or a venting source not available). Once the issue is resolved, contact the delivery agent to schedule a time for them to come back out to complete the installation.

Possible reasons for an incomplete installation:

    • Product will not fit through the pathways in the home and/or the product installation location

    • Proper electrical outlets not available

    • Gas shut off valves not available

    • Water supply and shut off valves not available

    • Venting sources are not available

    • Corroded pipes

    • Unsafe wire connections

    • Liquid propane gas source (must be natural gas source)

    • Cabinetry, countertop, tile or elevated floor concerns

    • If the installation instructions for the appliance requires an anti-tip bracket, the delivery agent(s) will not install the appliance without the anti-tip bracket. If you refuse to have the anti-tip installed, they will place the appliance in another room of the house.

    • Refrigerators will be installed but will not be connected to the water supply if the water shut off valve is incorrect, inoperable, or not installed. Once the water shut off valve is corrected, the water line can be installed.

    • Gas appliances will be left at the home but not installed if the gas shut off valve is incorrect, inoperable or not installed. Once the gas shut off valve is corrected, the dryer can be installed.

If the uninstalled appliance is uncrated (removed from the box), the delivery agents will inspect it for damage.

If you’re buying from one of our retail partners, visit their website to view delivery and installation options.