Parts Required for Installation

If you are buying appliances from our site, we will fully connect and test your new appliances.  

Installation covers connecting the new appliance to water, electrical, and gas. With many appliances, there are parts required to complete the installation. If parts are necessary for installation, they will automatically be included with your order at no cost to you. These include:

    • Refrigerator water lines

    • Gas appliance connection kits

    • Dishwasher connection kits

    • Electric range power cords

    • Anti-tip brackets (included with the appliance)

Accessories like trim kits, toe kicks, and panel kits are not included with the delivery and installation and are a separate charge. Our delivery agents do not install trim kits; however, custom hardware (knobs and handles) is installed at no charge if purchased with your appliance.

If you’re buying from one of our retail partners, visit their website to view delivery and installation options.