New Habits for a New Decade

A new decade is here and we love the idea of starting new habits to make our lives a little better. By keeping goals simple and practical, we’re much more likely to make the changes permanent. Small changes can make a big impact over time.


Drink More Water

One of the simplest things we can do to be a little healthier is to drink more water. Infusing water with different flavors (lime, mint, cucumber, berries) keep it interesting. Use fresh, cold filtered water from the water dispenser on your refrigerator then add in some flavorful ingredients. Try keeping a beautiful decanter filled with infused water in your refrigerator. That way you can have flavor-infused water with every meal.

Make it a habit to take a reusable water bottle with you when you go out. It’s much better for the environment and reduces your reliance on purchasing bottled water. 

Get Organized 

A clean, organized refrigerator is a delight that keeps on giving every time you open it to grab a snack or cook dinner. 

Keep your refrigerator organized by routinely emptying, wiping down, and airing it out. Toss expired food and create meals around almost-outdated bottled sauces, condiments, and limp vegetables (perfect for stews and slow cooked vegetable soups). Cleaning out the fridge is the perfect time to assess what food you have vs. what food you’re missing. 

Reusable glass containers, large bins and BPA-free storage containers with lids are a great solution for for keeping items neat in your refrigerator. Sort ingredients by type; bottles and jars for the doors, dairy and meat in the center back of the fridge.

Establishing new habits don’t need to be major to have an impact. Simple routines like drinking more water or organizing the refrigerator can boost happiness every day.


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