Taking a Temporary “Glow Up” to Full Makeover

How Nest Out West’s Cait Pappas is tackling her long-awaited kitchen renovation


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The Temporary Glow Up

Anyone catching a glimpse of Cait Pappas’ suburban Denver kitchen on Instagram would say it’s pretty dreamy. Deep green cabinets, a spacious island with a marble, waterfall countertop, loads of Colorado light streaming in. 

But like much of what is found on social media, reality is a little different. That gorgeous marble waterfall countertop? Peel-and-stick vinyl in a faux-marble finish stretched over a particle board base that isn’t even secured to the floor. That gorgeous green cabinetry? Many of those doors and drawers are on struggling to hang on. And the layout? While the interior decorator, husband, Jason, and their adorable toddler, Joe, look happy-as-can-be online prepping food, the truth is that it just doesn’t function well. 
“It was a temporary glow-up,” says Cait, founder and lead decorator of interior decorating firm Nest Out West – and Instagram influencer on her popular account nest.out.west – of the “uber-90s” kitchen in her “uber-90s” home. “We knew it eventually would have to change.” 

Their 1999 Arvada, Colorado, home was perfectly fine when they moved in two years ago, but it was mostly builder-grade and lacking the warmth and character that defines Cait’s style and has helped her build a decorating business and amass more than 75,000 Instagram followers. With impressive DIY skills, Cait and Jason have masterfully overhauled almost every room while saving for the kitchen re-do. Now, it’s time to rip out the quick-fix and build the real-deal kitchen of their dreams. And in true Nest Out West style, Cait and Jason will be doing most of it themselves – choosing all the finishes, laying floors, and installing tile and lighting, among other projects. 

Cait Pappas with nail gun
Jason Pappas working on kitchen remodel

The Full Makeover

“We’ve been waiting for this for so long and are ready to get it done,” says Cait, who is expecting Baby #2 this June. “Jason and I both love home projects, and we have help from our wonderful friends and families. It will be hard, especially with a toddler and a baby on the way, but it will be worth it.”

Cabinet fabrication is being outsourced, but the couple will tackle install themselves with the help of some handy friends and family. Rounding out the new design will be a full suite of Café Appliances in matte white with brushed bronze handles. The built-in refrigerator will be a sleek stainless finish with coordinating brushed bronze door pulls. The appliances are the perfect fit for the new neutral aesthetic – creamy white cabinetry with warm marbled stone countertops.

“I can't get enough of the beautiful design and appearance of Café Appliances,” Cait says of her choice to partner with the brand. “Any time I've seen them in photos on Pinterest or Instagram, I've stopped scrolling just to go back and stare.”

Kitchen with painted green cabinets and dark appliances
Kitchen in progress: Temporary paint and style updates to their 90's kitchen while they wait for their new Café suite of appliances.

The Plan

The couple is rearranging the layout of the kitchen's appliances, moving the sink and Café Smart Dishwasher to the new island. That allows them space to scale-up the size of the refrigerator and range so they can store more food and cook larger, more elaborate meals. The 42” Café Smart Built-in, Side-by-Side refrigerator is what Cait is looking forward to most, she says. 

“Our current fridge is packed full of Home Chef meals for hurried evenings; ingredients for weekend meals my husband can't wait to cook; and fruits, yogurts, juices, and snacks for the little guy,” Cait says. “Joe is 2 and will eat anything, but is very picky about having exactly what he has a taste for in any given moment. So, we keep lots of options on hand for him.”

Although she’s not imbibing until after the baby comes, Cait is excited for the new Café Wine Center that will allow her to properly chill reds and whites without having to take up valuable refrigerator space. Her husband, the cook of the family, is looking forward to whipping up meals on the Café™ 48" Smart Dual-Fuel Commercial-Style Range for the gatherings they love to host with friends and family.  

“Have I mentioned yet that I love hosting and entertaining?” she says. “I can’t wait to be able to throw random parties again. Hopefully soon!”

Cait and Jason will have to wait for a little longer: COVID-19 and weather held up the shipping of their custom cabinetry, which essentially put a halt to the renovation. Cait says they’d hoped to have it wrapped up before the baby arrives but now aren’t sure which will come first.

Stay tuned to see how Cait and Jason navigate their renovation and bring their dream kitchen to reality.  

Cait's New Products

Cait's New Products

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Cait Pappas

Cait Pappas

Cait Pappas is the founder and lead decorator at Nest Out West, an interior decorating and e-styling firm based in Denver, Colorado, that serves clients nationwide.