Unexpected Color Palettes for the Kitchen

Designers everywhere are passing on traditional all-white for peachy pinks, light corals, grey blues and deep greens, among others. Inspired by their daring palettes, we’re digging into why most of us opt for bright white kitchens and why we could (and should) reconsider. Plus, we’ll take a look inside one of our favorite colorful kitchens.

Pink kitchen with Modern Glass appliances

Color in the Kitchen

Why is color in the kitchen so unexpected? Why do we defer to bright whites, warm beige, earth tones, and matte blacks in the kitchen? Neutrals are practical, straightforward, and more likely to appeal to a larger audience. They have less of an opinion. A kitchen with white subway tiles, white cupboards, granite countertops, and wood floors looks like “a kitchen” in its most literal sense. But if you’re the kind of person who wants their space to have a point of view, to have an opinion, and be willing to share it, consider color in the kitchen. 

This is a gentle reminder that there is no Kitchen Paint Rule Book. There are only traditions, customs, and expectations around color palettes in the kitchen, and no one is beholden to them. You are always free to break with tradition and choose a set of colors and finishes that reflect your own personal design style.

And no matter what you decide, Café offers choice in its Customizable Pro and Modern Glass collections, either of which will complement your design selections.

Minimalist or Maximalist, bold color can suit your personal style

Arianna Danielson bucked tradition by bringing light coral and peachy pink hues into her modern kitchen. Alongside new Café oven, refrigerator and built-in dishwasher with matte white finishes and brushed bronze hardware, her deep green cabinetry, architectural sink cutout, and patterned wallpapered ceiling make a playful, bold statement and the room feels both cozy feminine and modern traditional. Arianna’s vibrant kitchen is Pinterest-worthy, and shows the beauty that can result from getting brave with color.

Incorporating Color

It’s possible to incorporate color into a kitchen by degrees, and in a hundred ways: paint color, trim, wallpaper, cabinetry, countertops, furniture, fixtures, hardware, kitchen tools, ceramics and servingware, textiles, art, flooring, and rugs. Play around with decor ideas but don’t hesitate to commit to something more permanent, because even that can still be changed. Paint can always be updated, hardware replaced, textiles swapped. 

Color in the kitchen, although unconventional, can result in a sophisticated, modern version of the room we tend to spend the most time in.



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