Find the Perfect Refrigerator for your Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling your kitchen and not sure where to start? You’re not alone.

It's a common myth that appliances are the last addition to a beautiful kitchen. In fact, selecting your appliances early in the design process can allow more room for creativity and inspiration. Because the refrigerator is a prominent focal point of the kitchen, its location, configuration and finish will impact the entire space. The perfect refrigerator is one that fits your food storage needs as well as your kitchen design plans.

Built-In Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Built-In Refrigerators

Built-in refrigerators are designed for those who want a true customized look in the kitchen, with appliances that are fully integrated with the cabinetry. These refrigerators are specially designed to install nearly flush with your cabinetry for a seamless look.

Things to consider

  • These refrigerators are often wider than typical free-standing refrigerators, in order to provide interior space with less depth. A standard 36" width is also available.
  • They’re usually shallower in depth, which can affect the space available inside the refrigerator.
  • Often these refrigerators require custom cabinetry.
counter depth bottom freezer refrigerator

Counter-Depth Refrigerators

Counter-depth refrigerators blend in almost seamlessly with surrounding cabinetry, providing a built-in look without the need for custom cabinetry.

Things to consider

  • Counter-depth units may not sit fully flush with the countertops to allow for door clearances. Be sure to check with the installation guide to make sure you have enough space for the doors to fully open.
  • They’re usually shallower in depth, which can affect the space available inside the refrigerator.
Free standing refrigerator

Photo by Marlee Tevis

Free Standing Refrigerators

This classic refrigerator styling complements a wide variety of kitchen designs. Free standing, full-depth refrigerators are the easiest to remove and replace, and tend to have the most capacity inside.

Things to consider

  • These refrigerators do not have the more seamless built-in look of true built-in refrigerators or counter-depth refrigerators.
  • Free standing refrigerators typically stick out the farthest from the surrounding cabinetry, in order to offer larger interior capacity.

Quad Door Refrigerator

Is flexibility most important to you? The Café 4-door quad style configuration is a free standing refrigerator with unmatched style and supreme flexibility. One section includes a fully convertible zone, with sophisticated temperature adjustments from fresh food to full freeze. This is the perfect place to chill beverages, freeze delicious sorbet or refrigerate party platters.

Things to consider

  • The quad door model is currently only available in Modern Glass and standard depth.
  • Counter-depth models in this configuration launched in early 2022.