Lighting Tips to Brighten Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the true gathering place of the home. It’s where family and friends congregate to eat; where we stock, prepare, and cook most meals; and incidentally where most conversation happens. To ensure communion in the kitchen is as warm and welcoming as the company and food, supply a variety of lighting options around the room to set the mood and light the task at hand. Follow these simple ideas to keep your kitchen bright, cozy, and welcoming throughout the upcoming season and beyond.

Lighting options in kitchen

Mood Lighting in the Kitchen

We intentionally set a mood with the lighting we choose in the kitchen. By using different lighting combinations including pendant lighting, under cabinet lighting, and recessed canister lights, we can direct the eye toward key kitchen elements, creating a sense of height, or enhancing the coziness of the room. 

A simple way to bring warmth and natural light to the kitchen is with the original source of light and warmth: fire. Maybe you don’t have an actual hearth in your kitchen, but pillar candles, tea lights, and candle jars are a simple way to elevate your morning, afternoon, and evening routine into a significant, special occasion. Early morning risers—children and adults alike—will love the novelty of sipping hot tea or eating a bowl of oatmeal by orange flickering light. Bypass a scented candle for an unscented soy wax candle to avoid an unappetizing mix of cooking smells and artificial scents. 

Plenty of light

Strategically placed lights throughout the kitchen create a deliberate emphasis on specific areas that are too dim or require task-related lighting. Try a chandelier or statement pendant light over your island where you do food prep or under-cabinet lights that illuminate the dark areas near food prep space. A dimmer is also a nice solution to enhance or decrease light depending on the time of day.

Embrace Natural Light

Always fans of natural light, we’re especially keen to emphasize whatever natural light enters 
the kitchen during the winter season. Though the days may be shorter, soft sunlight lends a gentle warmth to any kitchen and is an environmentally friendly way to light a kitchen during the daylight hours. Draw back curtains and pull up blinds and let that bright winter sunshine in.

If privacy isn’t an issue, keep kitchen and dining room blinds open and opt for sheer panel curtains that can easily let light to filter through. 

Along with embracing natural light, emphasize the natural whites in your kitchen and pull in modern, textured textiles, kitchen accessories, and home decor that reflect light and carry a sense of the season. Glass, mirrored accessories, or a moss terrarium all create a welcoming gathering place. The new Cafe Modern Glass collection creates a soft, reflective surface for kitchen lighting, too. Consider adding these appliances to your kitchen design to create a true reflection of your kitchen style with some added shine. 

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