Café Stainless Interior Built-In Dishwasher with Hidden Controls

Available Finishes

  • Base
  • Matte Black
  • Matte White
  • Hardware
  • Brushed Stainless
  • Brushed Black
  • Brushed Copper
  • Brushed Bronze

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$1,739 MSRP

Some appliances, like this one, are simply crafted to delight. From operating the dishwasher with your smartphone using WiFi technology to the sparkling utensils that result from Deep Clean Silverware Jets and the ability to clean a whole dinner’s worth of flatware at once in the convenient third rack, this model is designed to make doing the dishes the least daunting part of after-party clean up.

Your secret for a smooth kitchen operation

Your secret for a smooth kitchen operation

Always have clean dishes ready for surprise guests with WiFi Connect, which lets you operate your dishwasher from your smartphone. Track and automatically reorder detergent and rinse aid with just the tap of an app

A wash system so advanced you’ll stun guests

A wash system so advanced you’ll stun guests

Set a stunning table with dishes that sparkle thanks to the industry’s most Advanced Wash System with over 140 cleaning jets that deliver complete coverage to every inch of the dishwasher

Your silverware will thank you

Your silverware will thank you

Spotted silverware has no place at your table, thanks to Deep Clean Silverware Jets that ensure every utensil comes out looking immaculate

Technical Details

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  • height: 34 in
  • width: 23 3/4 in
  • depth: 24 in


  • 40 dBA


  • Up to 16

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