Bring the Blooms of Spring into Your Café Kitchen

arranging spring flowers in vase

In spring and summer, gorgeous floral blooms come to life with intoxicating scents and a variety of colors. Though they look stunning growing in gardens and yards across the country, cutting a few stems and arranging them in a favorite vase brings the lively blossoms indoors for everyone to enjoy. Why not brighten your kitchen by creating your own seasonal arrangement of local blooms and favorite colors?

Creating your own custom bouquet isn’t difficult. Start by choosing your favorite vase or vessel, then select your blooms. If you don’t have your own garden of flowers to choose from, stop by your local florist. You can buy individual cut stems and take them home to arrange yourself. We love peonies; clematis; hellebores; and pampas grass—but there are many blooms in season now, so choose ones that fit your style and décor. Be sure to also choose some green, leafy stems to fill out your bouquet. Also, you’ll need large and small varieties with both tall and shorter stems to fill your vase. Then start arranging using our tips below.

cutting flowers
finished arrangement on open shelving

Create your own seasonal floral kitchen bouquet

Follow these easy steps to arrange your spring flowers:

  1. Select a container that fits the space where you want to display them.
  2. Choose your flowers. (Note: Odd numbers of blooms look better when arranged.)
  3. Pick some green, leafy stems and arrange them in your hand to organize them, being sure to keep taller pieces in center.
  4. Place your largest, tallest flower in the center of your greens. 
  5. Fill in with medium and then smaller flowers, working outward from the center of your bouquet until you’re satisfied with the arrangement.
  6. Trim your stems; once cut, they shouldn’t be longer than the height of the vase plus a half. (Be sure to cut hard or woody stems at an angle for better water absorption.)
  7. Strip leaves from stems that fall below the top lip of the vase to prevent rotting.
  8. Fill your vase ¾ full of water.
  9. Place your arranged and trimmed flowers and greens into the vase.
  10. Move them around if you see bare spots or uneven areas.
  11. Change water every two days for longest life.
walking with flowers

Whatever your Café Appliances kitchen style, you’re sure to find flowers that complement your kitchen décor or maybe some that brighten your countertops with pops of color. Don’t be afraid to try adding a new hue to your bouquet and your space—it might be just the thing your kitchen needs.

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